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At West Oaks Animal Hospital, we believe that wellness care, including preventative care, is a crucial piece of the puzzle when it comes to optimizing overall health. By bringing in your pet to see us regularly, it allows us to screen them for potential issues before they might become problematic and helps to ensure that your pet is on pace to live a long, healthy and happy life!

Our approach to wellness care allows us to detect and treat potential ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, spinal issues, heart disease, dental issues and much more. We encourage you to contact us to learn about our approach to wellness care and our ongoing dedication to serving your pet with the highest level of service and tenderness possible.

Vaccinations are an absolutely imperative piece of overall health and a central component of preventative care within veterinary medicine. Our approach to vaccinations takes the entire health history of your pet into account, in order to create a highly-tailored approach to comprehensive care that best serves your pet.

Our vaccination protocols exist on the cutting-edge of veterinary medicine and our commitment to continuing education also ensures that each recommendation is made with the latest advents of veterinary science in mind.

Just like you or your loved ones may experience from time to time, pets can also experience seasonal discomfort, acute allergies and skin issues. These issues can include rashes, irritated skin, persisting itchiness, dry skin or many other issues.

At West Oaks Animal Hospital, our approach to the health of your pet ensures that they stay cool, calm and protected from any problematic skin issues that may arise!

Just as with our wide range of veterinary services, our approach to arthritis and pain management takes a holistic view of the issue and its impact on your pet’s health. We’ll look at the acute issues being experienced and develop an individualized approach toward caring for your pet.

If your pet is having trouble moving or is visibly displaying pain of any kind, it’s time to take them to West Oaks Animal Hospital so that we can create a course of action that improves both the mobility and comfort of your pet!

Our veterinarians and staff strongly encourage our clients to take an active interest in the dental health of their pet, an area that is often overlooked. By brushing your pet’s teeth regularly and administering dental chews as an ongoing part of their routine, you can help to prevent dental issues that may compound and harm your pet over time.

At West Oaks Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer a thorough cleaning of your pet’s teeth and additional dental care solutions on an as-needed basis. Bring in your pet soon and keep them smiling all year round!

Modern advancements in radiology allow for unparalleled insight into the health and well-being of your pet. High-definition X-rays can often be a crucial diagnostic tool for a huge range of pet conditions, allowing us additional insight toward the health of your pet that simply can’t be achieved through more standard blood tests and diagnostics.

As opposed to X-rays, ultrasonography does not use radiation and can be an incredible way to achieve additional insight into the health of your pet. Often, ultrasonography is an ideal solution when pet owners desire a non-invasive and painless way to both evaluate and diagnose a wide range of medical ailments.

As always, if you have questions about our ultrasound procedures, the benefits of this tool or if it may be appropriate for your pet, we invite you to contact us directly!

As a central component of our comprehensive service offerings, West Oaks Animal Hospital is also proud of our In-house laboratory so that important tests and analysis can be run on-site.

This ensures that pressing issues and time-sensitive analysis occurs rapidly, allowing us to gain insight into the health of your pet with as little downtime as possible. This is all a part of our commitment toward the well-being of your pet and the superior offerings for our clients that we believe in at West Oaks Animal Hospital.

Much like our “Allergy & Dermatology” offerings, our specialized dermatology services take a focused approach toward the health of your pet’s skin, ensuring that you’ve got the tools and medications needed to ensure the utmost comfort for your pet throughout the seasons. Whether your pet is experiencing a specific skin issue or you simply want to optimize the look, feel and comfort of your pet, West Oaks Animal Hospital has the tools to help.

A proper diet, regular exercise and optimal nutritional intake is also an imperative part of overall health. By visiting us at West Oaks Animal Hospital and taking part in our personalized, nutritional counseling sessions, you’ll help to set the course for your pet’s long-term health.

We can help you to hit a target weight for your pet and ensure that their daily nutritional needs are being met as well! We encourage you to inquire about this service and see the wide range of benefits it can have.

Weight gain in your pet can be healthy when they are reaching maturity, but too much weight gain can lead to a whole array of health issues and complications down the line.

For approaches toward weight management and strategies to maximize the overall health of your pet, consult with our expert veterinarians directly! Our proven techniques, nutritional insights and personalized approach toward pet care will help your pet hit their ideal weight and gain long-term health benefits in the process.

At West Oaks Animal Hospital, we take great pride in the comprehensive offerings of both our In-House pharmacy as well as our online pharmacy, allowing your pet unparalleled access to the latest and most progressive treatments available in the field of veterinary medicine. With both top veterinary medicines, as well as their generic counterparts available at your convenience, you can rest assured that your pet will make a speedy recovery with everything they need to achieve absolutely optimal health.

Whether you’re visiting our facility and require a prescription on the spot, or are ordering online from the comfort of your home, West Oaks Animal Hospital is fully equipped to deliver the veterinary solutions your pet needs for a speedy and optimal recovery. When treating a chronic condition, a short-term illness or any other ailment, you can count on our veterinarians personalized approach to prescribing and recommending medicine to ensure that your pet has their prescription filled promptly and precisely, so that they can return to full strength as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, many pets are either lost or stolen each year. Even more tragic is the fact that many of these cases can be prevented. It’s this dedication to prevention that allows us to offer microchipping as one of our highly-recommended services.

Microchipping will allow you to register your pet within a national database that drastically increases the number of pets that are reunited with their owners. This simple preventative technique can ensure that you and your beloved pet stay close together, no matter what.

Yet another component of our comprehensive approach to care and service offerings for your pet is our pet boarding service!

If you’re planning an upcoming vacation or may be traveling for an extended duration, you can count on West Oaks Animal Hospital to watch your pet while you’re away, offering comfortable accommodations and personalized attention to your pet when you’re on the go.

As always, reach out to us at 281-497-0430 or email us at info@westoaksanimalhospital.com if you’re planning an upcoming trip or wish to know more about our pet boarding services!

Our wide-range of veterinary services are just another reason that pet owners look to our animal clinic when they need expert veterinary attention handled with the utmost care.

Whether you’re in need of a precise surgical procedure, our outstanding ultrasonography service, or are simply looking for access to ongoing wellness-checkups, coming to West Oaks Animal Hospital is the right choice! Our holistic approach and deep commitment to personal pet care ensures that we’ll take the entire health history of your pet into account when you visit, and will decide on a course of action that best meets both their needs and individual lifestyle.

We believe that every pet is different, so we tailor our approach toward your pet’s specific, evolving needs each time you visit.

Of course, if you have any questions about our range of services, associated procedures or costs, we invite you to give us a call directly at 281-497-0430 or email us at info@westoaksanimalhospital.com.

We also hope you’ll reach out to us if you’re planning an upcoming trip or wish to know more about our pet boarding services! We provide Pet Boarding services to the pet owners of Houston, Sugarland, Katy, TX and beyond!

We also provide pet care and a full-range of services to local pet owners who may be heading out of town on an extended trip! If you’re from West Oaks, Westchase, Energy Corridor, Cinco Ranch, Mason Park, Alief, Fourcorners, Mission Bend, Bear Creek, Spring Branch, Memorial, Briar Forest or Addicks, you’ll be happy to know that we’re located nearby!

As always, reach out to us at 281-497-0430 or email us at info@westoaksanimalhospital.com if you’re planning an upcoming trip or wish to know more about our pet boarding services!